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How often does training take place?
Training takes place after hours, starting at 5:30 or 6pm.
Public Speaking: Anyone who has the desire to elevate their speech and communication skills. Students, career professionals or professional public speakers. Our program would also cater for those training for pitching competitions and presentations.

Voice Acting: Anyone who has an interest in learning how to manipulate their voice to create voice art of any kind. From commercial voice artists to spoken word artists we help you learn different ways to manipulate your voice in ways that suit your craft. We also equip you with all the theoretical and technical information relating to the Voice Acting industry.
Public Speaking: R2,000 for a full month of training with 4 sessions

Voice Acting: R2,000 for a full month of training with 3 sessions including a one on one session with a successful seasoned voice artist.

Public Speaking for students is R1800

Groups and organization can send a request for a quotation which will depend on the number of people