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The ability to effectively communicate is an essential skill for any career from the next generation of leaders to entrepreneurs, teachers, and every other vocation that requires human connection.

public speaking

Public speaking is an underutilised tool which has the power to open a lot of
doors. Elevate Africa was created to harness the full power of public speaking on
the African Continent.

voice over acting

The voice over industry is continuously growing, with vast opportunities for people of different languages, accents and styles. We work to create eloquent, confident and marketable speakers.


founder and ceo


Elma has made a name for herself as an award winning speaker and professional voice artist collaborating with multinational corporations such as DSTV, Disney, Netflix and BBC Lifestyle. From Audio books to animations, TV adverts, and automated voice generator.
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Project Operations Director


Being directly involved in the personal growth and improvement of others drives me. As a future Psychologist, I take pride in helping people to the best of my capabilities and hope to contribute to a psychology that is more African centered and contextualized.
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Corporate Operations Director


Our humanity makes us superheroes. To make a difference we must be able to communicate our solutions clearly and effectively. One day I hope my voice will contribute towards international peace and security.
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administrative director


With a passion for Economics and Politics I believe that young minds are the key to shaping the Africa we dream of. I am a Pan-Africanist who believes in the power of unity advocates for the full emancipation of all African people.
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what to expect

public speaking

chapter 1: confidence

chapter 2: Articulation and enunciation

chapter 3: body language

chapter 4: voice projection

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what to expect

voice over acting

Lesson 1: Voice over theory

Lesson 2: Voice over skills

Lesson 3: Voice over technicalities

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Some of our trained Artists

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Our Reviews

  • When Elma started hinting that she would start training voice over artists on social media pages, I promised myself that I would be one of the first artists she trained. Guess what? I was part of the first group she trained, and I have comfortably settled into something I never thought about as a child and I’m making money from it as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions and I continue to be trained and connected with gigs even though the official training ended. I love the team at Elevate Africa, not only are they professional, but they are helpful, and they all work together to ensure that their artists achieve success. Why aren’t you signing up for the training sessions already? Get to it, you won’t regret it 😊

    Ntomizodwa Luwaca

  • My Excitement was Matched And Met With Excellence. I’ll start there. Coupling the theory with practicality was so captivating and insightful for me. I really enjoyed the learning process of understating my voice and connecting with what it is capable of. Thanks to Elevate Africa I am now a certified voice artist! I am grateful for the knowledge and experience that I gained through their course. Join the team to elevate your speaking game!

    Godfrey Kadzere

  • Its been almost 5 months since I joined Elevate Africa as a voice over artists and the journey has been great. What I appreciate most about the organization is having direct access to the trainer, as a new voice artist you need that. I am currently working and living in the USA and sometimes I have gigs that I need consulting on and the time difference doesn’t make it any easier for me to get a fast response, however Elma is always trying her best to avail herself.

    Freddy Mashiane

  • I obtained a voice over certificate with Elevate Africa after a short course of very engaging classes! I then received hands on assistance to book my very first paying gig immediately after my certification!

    Meguy Massoudi

  • Starting something new is always very hard for me. I find it very daunting to be a beginner in a field, but I can honestly say training with Elevate Africa has been a blast. I’ve felt at ease, encouraged and
    motivated from training to completing my demo reel and beyond. The trainer has been patient and very involved in my development as an artists.

    Abena Owusua

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Our Awards and sponsorships

2022 Top 16 Youth Owned Brands Award

The main aim of Yoba is to recognise the excellence, innovation and hard work of South African youth-owned brands across 16 categories.

2022  Mrs Universe Africa Sponsor

African Beauty International Organization is a home for beauty with a purpose, a mission and a cause.