Our Founder, Miss Akob, was recognised and honored as one of the Top 10 Young Persons in the World by Junior Chamber International. This was after she had initially been named one of the Top 10 Young Persons in South Africa at an award ceremony that was held in Durban. From there she went on to represent the country at the global selection where she emerged on the prestigious list of global game changers, leaders and innovators. Honorees are nominated and selected based on their achievements and leadership qualities in categories such as business, politics, culture, education, and humanitarian work.

The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World, usually JCI TOYP, program serves to formally recognize young people who excel in their chosen fields and exemplify the best attributes of the world's young people. The program is sponsored by Junior Chamber International (JCI). JCI selects 10 outstanding young people under 40 who live the JCI Mission in extraordinary ways.

The JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Award exists to recognise outstanding individuals creating local and global impact through their work. The honorees and their stories of discovery, determination, and ingenuity inspire young active citizens to be better leaders, create better societies and take action to create sustainable impact.
JCI is a membership-driven organization of dedicated and enterprising young leaders, aged 18 to 40, creating positive opportunities around the world. Active in more than 5000 locations across nearly 115 countries, JCI Members are recognized for embracing new ideas and collaborating across borders. We support our members to develop their leadership skills as they relate to personal development, business and entrepreneurship, community action, and international collaboration.

Ms. Elma Akob together with fellow JCI South Africa’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons of 2022, Ms. Zakithi Mkhize, traveled to Hong Kong to accept their awards. We are proud to be led by this force of a woman whose life is a walking billboard of what Elevate Africa hopes to inspire in young people. Daring to dream, hard work and ethical leadership that is rooted in the growth of one’s community. While we get the privilege of witnessing her brilliance and leadership skills in action it is heartwarming that the world sees it too. Congratulations and we wish you nothing short of the greatness you were destined for.