voice over acting

Get ready to capture the audience with your voice.
No credit card required.

what to expect

The course will be broken down into 3 main lessons.

lesson 1

Voice over theory
Before you step into the industry as an artist it is important to know the terminology used by clients, what to expect and an analysis of the Voice over market. In this lesson you will learn all the different styles that exist in the industry along with practical examples to expose you to the endless possibilities of being a voice over artist from various accents to delivery and how to tap into all of these.

You will also learn how to position yourself in the industry and how to stand out by setting up a proprietary Elevate Africa ‘audio CV’. 

lesson 2

Voice over skills
With Voice over skills you will put the theory from Lesson 1 into practice as the trainer will guide you through how to identify different styles and how to perform these styles using voice variation, tonal inflection, speed differentiation and facial expressions. You will also learn breathing techniques, how to articulate and enunciate whilst using your diaphragm and tools of improvement to meet your individual needs.

lesson 3

Voice over technicalities
Lastly, because Elevate Africa believes in holistic training, we provide post recording training such as how to record your own Voice over and edit with the best software, what equipment to buy and where to purchase it as well as how to set up your home studio.

We end it off with a surprise gift for everyone who graduates from the course.
Elevate Africa, passing on the gift.